Li Li Cheng Supermarket - Bringing you a whole new supermarket experience

Li Li Cheng was started in 1989, and has grown to be one of the major supermarket operators in Singapore. With a 16,000 sq ft supermarket and 2 mini-marts in Jurong, we have established a solid reputation as a reliable and honest retailer in the West of Singapore. We believe that shopping should be a total experience that includes service, sight and sound. And we have ambitious plans to further extend our operations and bring our unique brand of supermarket shopping to even more people. Exciting them with a whole new concept of supermarket shopping never before seen in Singapore.

Our Purpose
To help the community and neighbours live better was our goal when we first opened our doors in Jurong West. In 2009, we opened a supermarket to serve the needs of the large populous of foreign workers, bringing in affordable products and groceries from their home countries. Everyday, we work hard to deliver on this promise, evolving and moving with the people’s needs. Today, we pride ourselves as a tight-knit family unit that is responsive to the needs of the community that we work within. 

Li Li Cheng corporate philosophy
The Li Li Cheng corporate philosophy embodies the way of life of Li Li Cheng, our reason for existence, values and the principles that we follow in our daily activities. More than anything, it provides a common direction for all employees

The Li Li Cheng philosophy facilitates management innovation and promotes a unified direction for Li Li Cheng as we expand our business activities, bringing a different shopping experience to Singapore.


Our Vision
To be one of the leading supermarket chains that provides a different shopping experience while bringing products from all over the world.

Our Mission
Through our constant pursuit of excellence, Li Li Cheng aims to revolutionize the supermarket experience and bring a global shopping experience to people.

Our Values
Customer-centric Perspective
We listen, think and act from the customer’s perspective, acting with speed and sincerity.

Honesty, Reliability and Integrity
We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation in the industry, always acting with utmost honesty, reliability and integrity in our dealings – just how we want to be treated.

Speed and Agility
We act promptly to achieve our objectives, moving with the ever-changing tides.

We work very closely, like a tight-knit family unit, sharing common objectives and acting as responsible members of the team while steering in the same direction.


Code of Conduct
We act with fairness with our business partners.
We comply with all laws and regulations.
We act with honesty and integrity in our business dealings.
We behave responsibly towards the community and the environment.
We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain.


Our Policy
We constantly innovate to find new approaches and the inspiration to improve and revolutionize ourselves, while delivering added value to our customers and the community. Working together as a unit and with our partners, we provide win-win solutions in all our business areas.